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Dois no Choro

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Featured Artist: Dois No Choro
CD Title: Carinhoso
Year: 2000
Record Label: Jazzmineiro Records
Style: Brazilian JazzMusicians: Julie Koidin, C flute and alto flute. Paulinho Garcia, vocals, guitar, and percussion.

Review: DOIS NO CHORO´S CARINHOSO is an exceptional Brazilian jazz CD which should find its way into the home of all jazz listeners, for it is concerned with "Chorinho," one of the oldest and most pure forms of the traditional music of Brazil. It has an intuitive sense of the blues, something felt as well as heard. If you have not heard Brazilian music with a pure blues aspect intermingled into the music, then this will be a welcome surprise for each of you who purchase this fine CD!

Julie Koidin on C flute and alto flute soars high and joyfully with
her intricate, graceful jazz expressions, as does the ever creative Paulinho Garcia on vocals and guitar, and percussion. A musical match made in heaven to utilize an old expression made ever new by the selections performed by Garcia and Koidin. Selections include "Tico Tico no Fuba," a great song composed by Paulinho Garcia titled "Chorinho da Paula," "Lamentos," "Choro Bandido," "Eu Te Amo," among others. 13 songs with 13 unique interpretations.

For an experience in listening pleasure and enjoyment, give this new release a chance to grow on you, for it is as unique as the performers sharing this Brazilian jazz with you! An excellent gift for a friend!

Reviewed by: Lee Prosser